Hello Deathgarderners,

This patch’s main highlight is the upcoming new feature, Harvest your Exit.

In addition, we will hold an “Ask Me Anything” session this Thursday from 3PM to 3:30PM EST (12PM to 12:30PM PST and 9PM to 9:30PM CEST) on Youtube and Twitch to answer all your questions.


These new objectives add a new blood flow to the game! Scavengers’ objectives have slightly changed, as they must gather blood to ensure they will have an exit by the timer’s end.

This Thursday, September 12th, players will be able to try it out during a special event from 2:30PM to 6:30PM EST (11:30AM to 3:30PM PST and 8:30PM to 12:30AM CEST).

As communicated until this very moment, Harvest your Exit was originally planned as a Hunt with a Friend exclusive feature. Following the community feedback, and also since we felt that bringing it to the core game would definitely makes more sense, we’re happy to announce that Harvest your Exit will be available in the classic 1v5 mode tomorrow, along with the Hunt with a Friend special event.



UI: Remove Character Title from the Scoreboard

o   The character title has been removed from the scoreboard and will only appear once the match has ended.

Design Goal: Reduce the instance of leaving the games and reducing toxicity occurrences.


 Gameplay: “About to Blow” Damage Reduced

o   The Veteran’s “About to Blow” perk damage has been reduced.

      - Level 1: from (61)dmg → (30)dmg.

      - The damage’s increase at each level, from (7)dmg → (3)dmg.

Design Goal: These modifications should bring the perk’s value in line with other perks.

Gameplay: The Veteran’s “Shock” Ability Changes

o   The Veteran’s “shock” ability now reveals scavengers instead of dealing damage. The ability still inflicts 1 damage to ensure challenges’ completion.

Design Goal: The Veteran’s overall damage output was higher than intended. Modifying her “shock” ability adjusts her according to our design intents.


Gameplay: “Shield” Protects From “About to Blow” Damage

o   The perk “About to Blow” doesn’t damage a scavenger protected by a shield.

Design Goal: This change ensures consistency in how the “Shield” vambrace works with the other hunter’s hacks.

Animation: New Custom Navigation Animations

o   Various scavengers’ animations have been customized.

Design Goal: The intent is to give more personality to each scavenger.



[Scavenger] The vambrace’s durations are incorrect for Ghost, Switch, Fog, and Dash

Visual and Cosmetics

[Scavenger][Fog][Prestige] Fog’s prestige upper body doesn’t display blood on his hood.

[Perk][Loadout][Upgrade Vendor] The Loadout and Upgrade Vendor’s perks appear in different order.

[Hunter][The Inquisitor][Trance Skin] There are visible holes in The Inquisitor’s shoulder when emoting and wearing the Trance skin.

[Scavenger][Sawbones] The skirt flaps of Sawbones’ upper body cosmetics miss some texture.

[Garden][Drone] When a drone spawns under a Ready Room, it will go inside the Ready Room when activated.

[Scavenger][Fog] Two of Fog’s upper body cosmetics share the same lore text.

[Blood Post][CH] The blue effects on the ground around the Blood Posts are stretched and cut when they are in tunnels.

[Cosmetic Vendor][Scavenger][CH] A blood cell can be seen on the vendor’s booth.


[Garden][Gold Rush] The ambient sound plays at low volume.

[Garden][Blood Mode] The Blood Mode’s SFX countdown persists in the Tally Screen.


[Hunter][The Inquisitor][Totem Skin] A black line appears and stretches when The Inquisitor emotes while wearing the Totem skin.

[Hunter][The Inquisitor][Shotgun] The shotgun shakes when The Inquisitor stops moving.

[Hunter][The Inquisitor][Burst rifle] From the scavenger’s perspective, the burst rifle flickers.

[Hunter] When aiming down sight, the hunter’s feet shake.


[Locker Room][Upgrade Vendor] The exclamation mark doesn’t appear when a new perk is available to purchase at the Upgrade Vendor.


[Locker Room][Hunter] Hunters can climb to the top of the Locker Room.


[Searching a game] Sometimes, players must cancel their search of a match in order to find a new game.