We’ve overhauled Deathgarden’s progression system. Once the reboot patch goes live, you’ll earn currency for the various actions you accomplish in the arena. Use different types of currency to unlock and upgrade your characters’ Powers, Perks, and Weapons. You can also use your currency to access new characters.

Reaping the most out of the Garden

During a match, you’ll earn XP and different kinds of currency for the actions you accomplish. While the hunters’ primary objective is to kill scavengers, scavengers must gather as much blood as possible and attempt to escape the Deathgarden.

Furthermore, as you level up your characters and reach higher ‘player’ ranks, you’ll unlock new Titles.

This level 15 player, playing the Stalker, has unlocked the “Echidna” Title. Gain more levels to earn new, Titles, each more prestigious than the last.

Scavengers: Gathering Blood and XP/Currency-Awarding Actions

To maximize their rewards, scavengers must gather and deliver as much Blood as possible while trying to survive in the arena. Whether they chose to work as a team or adopt a lone wolf playstyle, there are multiple ways of exploiting the garden.

To prove that they are worthy of the trial, the team of scavengers must deliver a total of [125] Blood; this will open the exits and allow any remaining scavengers to escape the Deathgarden. Furthermore, this will grant scavengers bonus XP and resources.

Here are some actions that award XP and Currency:

  • Gathering and delivering Blood
  • Escaping a chase
  • Escaping the arena
  • Assisting other scavengers
  • Deactivating Drones & destroying hunter constructs (e.g. mines and turrets)
  • Marking crates & other points of interest

​​Hunters: Executing Scavengers and XP/Currency-Awarding Actions

Hunters also earn XP and currency by accomplishing various feats within the garden, and, like their counterpart, may adopt different playstyles. For example, a hunter may ‘farm kills’ by downing multiple scavengers and ‘showing them mercy’ only to execute them later during the match. While this may potentially grant the hunter with a massive amount of XP and currency, it’s a “high risk high reward” approach. In effect, achieving multiple scavenger downs prior to executing a scavenger grants the hunter with a reward multiplayer (max of 5 charges, or 5 consecutive downs). Upon executing a scavenger, the hunter receives an amount of XP points and resources corresponding to his/her reward multiplier. The multiplier then resets after each execution. Failure to execute a scavenger, however, means that the hunter won’t earn their reward. So, more conservative hunters may decide focus on map control, i.e., activating Drones, hacking crates, which also grants XP and resources, and go for the kill when an unfortunate scavenger makes a mistake.

To prove their dominance in the Deathgarden, hunters must execute 4 of the 5 scavengers.  

Here are some actions that award XP and Currency:

  • Downing & executing scavengers
  • Dealing damage
  • Activating Drones
  • Hacking crates

Currency & Upgrades

Now that you know how to stack up XP and currency, here are the three different currencies and their use.

From left to right: Iron, Blood Cells, Ink Cells

Iron: trade in Iron to unlock new characters and upgrade your Perks, Powers, and Weapons

Blood Cells: trade in this Resource to unlock and upgrade your hunters and scavengers’ Perks

Ink Cells: trade in these cells to unlock and upgrade your characters’ Powers and Weapons.
(Note: Scavengers may unlock a second, alternate Vambrace power and hunters a third, alternate Weapon.)

Upgrading your characters abilities isn’t as simple spending Resources, though; upgrading a Weapon, Power, or Perk may require that you complete a specific challenge with and for that Weapon, Power, or Perk. (Note: the current max level for character ‘upgradables’ is level 10)

To unlock new characters, you must meet their specific level requirement & possess the required resources.

Hunters may visit the technician, found in the locker room, to unlock and upgrade new Perks, Powers, and Weapons.

This should give you a general idea of Deathgarden’s new progression system. We hope that you look forward to trying out the new Perks, unlocking and improving the different characters’ Powers, and testing various character builds!


The Deathgarden Dev Team