We are excited to announce the Deathgarden Closed Beta will commence June 19th until the 26th at 9am EST! The Closed Alpha was a success and we've made balancing changes, and have exciting new content for you to try out.

If you played during Closed Alpha, you are guaranteed access in the Closed Beta! Simply launch Steam on the 19th, download the update, and begin playing. If you registered but did not receive a key for Closed Alpha, hang tight! You are in our database with a great chance to score a spot in the Closed Beta. Check out our Closed Beta teaser video below!

What's New in Closed Beta

We're pleased to announce all the changes, updates, and new additions that will be coming for Closed Beta:

  • Balancing
  • Daytime weather
  • x3 new Vambrace powers
  • x2 new Runner perks
  • New Hunter weapon (LMG)
  • x1 new Hunter power
  • x2 new Hunter perks

Steam Key Distribution

We will be distributing Steam keys via email in various waves for Closed Beta access. Don't forget: if you played during Closed Alpha, you already have access and won't be sent a new key. We will send out keys as follows:

Wave 1 - Friday, June 15 (access will begin the 19th)

Wave 2 - Tuesday, June 19

Wave 3 - Friday, June 22

Closed Beta will commence June 19 around 3pm EST and will conclude June 26 at 9am EST.

Deathgarden Livestream

Join us June 19th at 2pm EST for the next Dev Livestream! We'll be talking about all the changes and additions in Closed Beta, playing Deathgarden, and answering your questions!

Additionally, keep an eye on our social channels for news about a special Content Creator day, happening June 18th!

See you in the Garden!

The Deathgarden Dev Team



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