Grab a blanket and get ready for a new frozen map! In the next patch, we’re bringing you a new arctic map: Desperate Expedition! 

Inspired by the North Pole, Desperate Expedition boasts three distinct areas: the living pods; the frozen sea; and, the snowy forest.  

Biome: Arctic 

“Far inside the Arctic Circle, the Tarkkaavainen Lepakko early warning station was a key part of the Unity missile defense system. It prevented attacks by Collective forces over the Barents Sea and so was a prime target at the start of the war.” 

The remains of an old Unity warning station stand frozen in the Arctic circle. During the war, snipers used the icy cliffs to bolster their visibility and defend the station from the Collective troops. They made their last stand near the living pods, where a fierce battle among the snowdrifts unfolded. The Collective’s hazardous mission ended in their favour, and the station was soon abandoned and forgotten. 


Weather: Bleak Winter

“As the stars rose and the long darkness began, the soldiers would hunker down, afraid of something that stalked them from afar.” 

The Arctic white landscapes stretch beyond the horizon. The snow stacks over the research station, and the blizzard penetrates through bullet holes and fractures.   

Footfalls crunch the hard snow and break the white North’s chilling silence. Breathing becomes difficult as the temperature plummets below zero. Time and again, shots are heard somewhere in the distance. 

Garden Elements: radar towers, wind turbines, living pods, snowcats, research station, generators, containers, icebergs.

The Tarkkaavainen Lepakko station used to be a key part in Unity’s missile defense system. The soldiers stationed there lived through an endless winter that slowly ate away at their patience and sanity. Now deserted, the missiles have been repurposed to be used in the Deathgarden.  

Scavengers should cleverly avoid the hunters’ gaze by hiding behind icebergs and snowdrifts. Hunters will enjoy a vantage point at the height of the cliff but should think twice before taking a stroll in the forest.