None can escape the hunter’s cold-blooded rules. Breaking the law results in a swift sentence in the Deathgarden. Even though he’s been condemned to the Deathgarden for trying to assassinate a hunter, Yani Amini still believes he has chosen the right path.

Born and raised in Algiers’ Enclave, Amini witnessed the hunters’ barbaric methods since childhood. His father was a famous scavenger and Amini’s childhood was rife with protest and political turmoil.  

When The Divided took control of the Enclave, they set up different policies. Their rules weren’t harsh—they were vicious and unforgiving. Dissidents could be sentenced to countless deaths or have their body parts shattered numerous times. Alone, Amini didn’t stand a chance against the hunters, though he refused to sit by idly, watching their abuse and oppression. 

One of Amini father’s friends, a retired scavenger named Safia Zeroual, approached him one day. She told him about the Turning Point, a contingent of rebels who wanted to wrest control back from the hunters. Zeroual sensed his rebellious nature and invited him to join the cause. Eagerly, he accepted.

“The hunters’ time is nearly done, and they know it. The people of the Enclaves will rise up and we’ll take back what’s rightfully theirs.”

His first objective: kill Fadil Taha, a prominent leader. Zeroual gave him a poison needle and all the details he needed to succeed in this dangerous mission.

One night during a Bloodharvest match, Amini stealthily approached Taha from behind. Bracing himself to kill a human being for the first time, he tightened his hand around the needle. He took a deep breath and just when he lurched forward—

A hunter spotted him. An alarm sounded and within moments he was restrained and being dragged off to the cells. Not long after the hunters made an example out of him. He was thrust into the Bloodharvest with an unattainable sentence to earn back his freedom. 

Sacrificing all he had been for the cause, Amini adopted the alias ‘Ghost.’ His unmatched knowledge of the Enclave and Bloodharvest give him the advantage he needs to exact his revenge on the hunters. Even if Amini can’t kill them, he can at least outshine and humiliate them at their own game. 

Ghost's new skin will be available in our next update!