Name: Leila Boudet
Age: 62
Location: Paris

It wasn’t guns and bombs that won the Thousand Day War for Unity. It was blood. The blood of soldiers who fought for a new golden age of humanity. And Leila gave her share.

She was in her early twenties when she first put on the battle suit. What started as a bulky, cumbersome uniform became a skin she was more familiar with than her own. She had found her calling. Trudging through mud and smoke, she could drag an injured colleague to safety while unloading a mag straight into an enemy’s skull. No compromise, no corners cut.

Leila was a decorated war hero by the time Unity launched their final attack on The Divided. She had dreams of marching into Brisbane and stomping any attempts at resistance—but it wasn’t meant to be. A lucky shot of cannon fire rained down on her position, cutting hot shrapnel through her armor. With her battle suit painted red, she rose to her feet, only to be held back by her commanding officer. She was ordered to retreat while the rest of her unit moved forward.

With the war in its final hours, she was to be flown back to France to recuperate. As her plane took off, a blinding light erupted from behind. The Divided had launched a final nuclear barrage that killed 90% of the troops in Australia on both sides.

Leila returned a reluctant hero, thirsting to avenge her allies, but without any means to do so. As peace broke out, her usefulness was at its end, and she retreated from public life to brood in silence.

It wasn’t until The Bloodharvest that she’d emerge once more. The notion of scavengers earning a place in The Enclave sickened her. She knew amongst them were the remnants of her enemies, their sons and daughters, and the civilians who were too cowardly to fight for Unity. It had been so long since the nuclear attack, but the time for punishment had finally arrived.

This ain’t a god damn game. Get in, make the kill, and get out.”— Leila “The Veteran” Boudet

Default hunter power: Orbital Strike—Calls in a strike from Unity satellites, barraging a designated area with laser-guided explosives.

Default loadout: Grenade launcher and carbine.

The Veteran’s deep knowledge of her environment makes her a dreadful opponent. She will make sure to find every scavenger in the garden, even those who mastered the art of hiding. Not a single scavenger will be able to make a better life for themselves, especially not on Leila’s watch.

The Veteran will be released to all players this Thursday to kick off our free weekend and 50% off Steam sale!

See you in the garden!