Hello Deathgardeners,

This week’s Hunt with a Friend playtest features a new matchmaking flow and addresses some balance changes. As we’re working on improving the general balance of the game, we made a few changes that applies to both the new and classic games modes.

Today’s playtest is a ‘’2 hunters versus 10 scavengers“ mode.The playtest is from 6PM to 9PM EST.

HOTFIX New Matchmaking Flow

Following the feedback received from previous playtests, we decided to try a new matchmaking flow, combining the Hunt with a Friend and the classic 1v5 features. This change allows both modes to be live at the same time.

It works as follows: the queue type is decided by the hunters. As the guardians of the Enclave, they decide this specific garden rule.

When two hunters decide to hunt together, a Hunt with a Friend match is created. Hunters must be in the same lobby for the HWF match to start. If the hunter is alone, a classic Deathgarden match is created instead. Hunters queuing alone will not be paired with another hunter: they will always queue in the 1v5 mode.

Scavengers are drawn from one big pool of players: they will either join the first or the latter to ensure every hunter has the right number of preys.

General Changes

Gameplay: Healing Bolt Trails Last Longer

  • The healing bolt trail lasts from (2)s → (3)s.

Changes affecting the Hunt with a Friend

Gameplay: Quantity of Drones Reduces

  • The quantity of drones is reduced from (20) → (15).

Gameplay: Amount of Blood Required Reviewed

  • The amount of blood required for a ‘’Blood Domination“ is now 250.

See you in the garden!