The Hunters’ bloodlust has reached its apex, and there’s only one thing that can satiate them: Executions!

The newest update will feature a unique execution for each hunter.

The Poacher

It is a travesty. The hallowed trial that keeps the unworthy from the sacred halls is being sullied. The Scavengers who compete are an insult to the Garden, ignorant to the magnificence they’re involved in. No respect, no reverence, only a brash overconfidence fueled by their endless greed.

They do not deserve an honorable death. Gut them for what they are: animals.

The Inquisitor

It’s a job. Honest work that requires an honest solution. There’s no harm in taking joy from it; you’re bringing purity to the world, after all. But remain professional. Don’t let them see your finger twitch with anticipation. There will be time later to revel over the moment. For now, keep it behind the mask. Do your job. Set them on their knees, put the barrel to their head and … pull the trigger.

Kill shot.

The Stalker

Just as the hunter has its role, so too does the prey. They have grown strong, feeding on the fruits of the wilds, surviving against the odds. The Mother has provided, taking them by the hand and leading them along the path that ends here, within the Garden. What the rabbit does not know is that it has always been destined for the talons of the eagle. They will be torn, bloodied, and gutted, not of cruelty but out of respect for the natural order, set since the beginning of time.

With their hearts, we honor them, the creations of the Mother, the prey that have fulfilled their purpose: death.



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