The Hunter is a powerful contender equipped with deadly weapons, abilities, powers, and perks. 

The Hunter's goal is to prevent the Runnersfrom escaping the Garden. 

Quick reflexes, priority management, and great accuracy are essential to the Hunter's success.

The Hunter plays in "first person".


Assault Rifles and LMG's

PassaM HackSaw T24 LMG

150 round magazine. 30 meter effective range.

"Snake Bite" Assault Rifle

40 round magazine. 45 meter effective range.


Jasper 67V Auto Shotgun

Fast rate of fire. 8 round magazine. 11 meters effective range.

Mauler 190 Shotgun

12 round magazine. 13 meter effective range.

Sniper rifles

Fr574 "Devil's Breath" - Bolt Action Sniper

Very long range and slow rate of fire. Massive damage.

Core design TTX22 Sniper Rifle

12 round magazine. Unlimited effective range.


Hunters possess two permanent abilities, which they can use to wreak havoc in the Garden. Each ability consumes stamina.

The Hunter can also Hack Ammo crates, Upgrade crates and Upgrade stations by shooting at them. Runners who interact with hacked objects are automatically revealed.

Super Charge (Toggle)

Increases speed and jump distance.


Short range stun, which deals a small amount of damage to all affected Runners.


Hunters must choose one of the following powers to take with them into the Garden. Powers don't consume stamina but do have a cooldown period. 

Spawn Turret

Place up to two turrets, with a firing range of 40m.


The Hunter turns invisible and completely silent.

Removes any negative status effects (slow, poison, reveal, stun, etc.)

Drop Mine

Place up to 10 proximity mines.

I see you

Create a pulse which reveals all nearby Runners for 11 seconds.


Hunters may select two Perks from the following list. Perks are passive abilities and are active at all times. Choose those that best fit your play style.

Great Shape

Increases stamina regen by 15%

Fast Reload

Increases reload speed by 50%

Hey, down there

Downed Runners are revealed for 6 seconds

Marked Eye

Auto reveals all game objects within 25 meters

Extra Toppings

Increases ammo from crates by 50%

Bigger Clip

Increases magazine size by 33% 

Tips and tricks

Hunter's tips

As the Hunter, you must learn to prioritize. Should you execute the Runner you just sent to the Bloodpost, or should you move in on the Runners capturing a point? Keep the Runners objective in mind and remember that you may need to make some sacrifices to come out on top. 

Avoid engaging in lengthy chases. If you focus on a single Runner, other Runners will take advantage of the situation and complete their objective. 

Keep track of your ammunition! Reload your weapons and pick up extra ammunition as you move around the Garden. Running out of ammo and missing a kill near an objective can be a huge setback. 

Be aware of your victim's bleedout time. Each time you down a Runner, that Runner’s bleedout time shortens. In some cases, you’re better off waiting for a downed Runner to bleed out than to send them to the Bloodpost. The Runner Team loses one of their three communal lives every time a Runner bleeds out. 

Runners will try to hide from you. If you think a Runner is close, shoot at nearby grass patches or use your Stun ability to reveal hidden Runners.