Hello Deathgardeners,

Our new game mode is ready for playtests! Who’s better than our community to test it? We’ll hold different playtests this month to ensure that all community members can try it. Our new mode’s main feature is the entry of a second hunter in a Deathgarden match.

Our playtest sessions are called “Hunt with a Friend”, since hunters will be able to invite a friend—or another player—into the fray to hunt scavengers.

Keep in mind that this game mode is in development and that you may experience small issues.

Following today first playtest, we have scheduled other sessions to ensure everyone may try it.

What Will You Play?

There was one idea that we had shelved because of time pressure: a “2 hunters against 10 scavengers” mode. With the reboot now behind us, we can test it with the community. Almost every day since we revealed Deathgarden a year and a half ago, players have been asking to hunt with a fellow hunter. But more hunters also mean more scavengers. As we’re balancing the game between each playtest, the number of scavengers may slightly change.

How Can I Play?

As these are public playtests, there is nothing to do on the players’ end. The mode will replace the current one (1 hunter hunting 5 scavengers) temporarily. You only need to play during the playtest hours.

After the playtest time, the classic mode will resume.

What About the Balance?

As testing a new game mode is no small feat, you may encounter some balancing issues. We have already made several changes to support the game mode, and we expect to continue working on it with your help. A playtest is an incredible opportunity to present what we’re working on and receive immediate feedback that helps us deliver a solid gaming experience.

How Can I Give You Feedback?

We want to hear you! Threads will be opened on the forum and Steam Page to allow you to write your feedback. A dedicated channel on our Discord server will also be available for you, as well as an in-game survey link during each playtest.

What Is The Resources Multiplier?

During each playtest, an in-game resources multiplier event occurs. This means that for the event's duration, players will gain more of each resources after every match.

Let’s work on Deathgarden’s future together!

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