We’ve created the following compensation plan to thank our community and early adopters. Thank you for your patience and continued support throughout Deathgarden™: BLOODHARVEST’s development.

If you’ve purchased Deathgarden prior to the game’s major update you will receive the following items:

1. Two extra game copies

Players who own Deathgarden will instantly receive two extra Deathgarden copies (Steam™ keys), which they can then give to their friends.
To activate extra game copies, please follow these instructions:

- Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account

- Click the Games Menu

- Choose Activate a Product on Steam

- Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process

2. Two Legacy Cosmetics (revamped Full Sets)

- The Blockade Full Set (Most popular/equipped set): Inked

-  The Deadpan Full Set (Most popular/equipped set): The Inquisitor

3. Early Adopter UI flair

Progress Transfer (transfer done on May 30th)

As a means of transferring player’s progress, we will give players an amount of Iron based on the level they’ve achieved (Note: Iron is used to unlock and upgrade new characters, Perks, Powers, and Weapons):

  • LVL 1-9: 200 Iron.
  • LVL 10-19: 300 Iron.
  • LVL 20-29: 450 Iron.
  • LVL: 30-39: 700 Iron.
  • LVL 40-49: 1100 Iron.
  • LVL 50-59: 1750 Iron.
  • LVL 60+: 2800 Iron

Exclusive Cosmetics Transfer

The exclusive cosmetics players have earned and/or unlocked will be transferred to specific characters, which will be automatically unlocked.

(Note: The cosmetics’ distribution is purely based on the game’s new art style)

- Exclusive Masks:

  • Scarecrow (Lost Harvest event mask): The Inquisitor
  • Demon Disguise (Lost Harvest event mask): Inked
  • Hearts and Minds (Gamescom mask): The Inquisitor
  • Way of the World (Gamescom mask): Inked
  • Trapper’s Mask (Dead by Daylight crossover mask): The Poacher
  • TOTH (Dead by Daylight crossover mask): Fog

- Full Sets

  • Sentinel Full Set (Deluxe Edition exclusive): Sawbones
  • Silent Victory Full Set (Deluxe Edition exclusive): The Inquisitor
  • Groundbreaker Full Set (Alpha/Beta/Soft Launch exclusive):  The Poacher
  • Pathfinder Full Set (Alpha/Beta/Soft Launch exclusive): Fog
  • T-800 Full Set (Terminator DLC; Poacher exclusive, as mentioned in our Poacher character reveal article)

4. Deluxe Edition Update

We’ve replaced the original art book with the new “Extended Lore Book,” which covers the entire story/fantasy of Deathgarden. We’ve also updated the game’s soundtrack.

  • Digital Extended Lore Book
  • Updated soundtrack (9 new tracks)
  • 19 - The Way it Was 05:11
  • 20 - Seismic Changes 05:25
  • 21 - Close to Annihilation 01:28
  • 22 - Death Stings 00:14
  • 23 - Paradise into Hell 01:28
  • 24 - Defense of the Enclaves 01:00
  • 25 - Prove your Worth 00:45
  • 26 - Die again and again 00:45
  • 27 - The Bloodharvest 00:45

We’re very excited about Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST’s future and look forward to seeing you all in the arena!


The Deathgarden Dev Team

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