Scavenger Reveal: Switch 

Default Vambrace Power: Clone—Upon impact, creates a clone that’s capable of moving in different directions

Switch is an artful illusionist that can create clones to throw the hunter off track. While she can use this ability to selfishly save her skin, Switch will willingly stay behind to help exhausted allies escape the hunter.

Scavenging blood gives Switch a surge of adrenaline and heightens her sense of awareness. After depositing blood, she’ll typically rush towards the closest body pile, where she can extract even more blood.

Her recovery skills are enigmatic; when Switch gets up after being knocked down, she gets back to scavenging as if nothing happened—despite having narrowly escaped death.

Early Concept art of Switch

Backstory Concept Art of Switch

“Nothing is ever truly useless; it can always be broken down and rebuilt. That applies to people too.” — Su “Switch” Bai

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