It’s time for a dev update! As promised in last week’s DG Insider, we’d like to give you information about a few of Deathgarden’s new features and about its revamped gameplay loop.

The Blood Harvest

Hunters and scavengers have an entirely new motive for entering the arena: harvesting blood. This precious resource grants players (scavengers and hunters alike) with XP and currency, which they can spend to unlock and upgrade new characters, perks, and powers. 

While both sides seek to gather as much blood as possible, their means of doing so differs greatly.

Scavenging for Blood

Scavengers drain blood from the bodies of brutally slaughtered scavengers. Our agile contenders must always be on the lookout and ready to make an escape when gathering blood lest they become like one of the mangled bodies.

*Body pile asset not final*
Players will find body piles scattered across the garden

Scavengers can only carry a limited amount of blood. And so, if they reach maximum capacity and want to gather more blood, they will need to deposit the blood they’ve gathered at any of the blood banks found in the arena.

There are three blood banks in every garden

There’s another motive for depositing blood; if the hunter executes a scavenger, that scavenger loses the blood they’re carrying on them. However, the scavenger will keep all the blood they’ve deposited—regardless of whether or not they escape the arena.

Hunting for Blood. Pure and Simple.

Unlike scavengers, hunters harvest blood through the sport of killing—by executing the unlucky few who enter the arena.

We’re tweaking the hunting experience so that hunters may follow through with their chases. There are no more objectives to defend and no more bloodpost executions to secure; there is only the hunt. We want to make sure that nothing tears the hunter away from the excitement of chasing and gunning down scavengers.

Drones: a new Hunter Construct

Hiding is an integral component of the scavengers’ new survival strategy. And so, to counterbalance this, we’ve created drones. This feature was designed to give hunters better map control and the means to force their prey out of hiding.

Upon entering the garden, hunters should look for power cores, which they can use to activate drones.

Scavengers who enter an active drone’s line of sight are revealed, that is, their position is made known to the hunter.

Although Scavengers can shoot at drones, they can only temporarily disable the hunter’s drones. And so, as a match progresses and as the hunter activates more and more drones, scavengers will find themselves running out of places to hide.  

We hope you enjoyed the read and that you’re looking forward to learning more about Deathgarden’s future. We’re definitely very excited to share our next steps with you all.

The Deathgarden Dev Team

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