Апрель 15, 2019

Gameplay and objectives

Previously, we talked about the new Deathgarden’s gameplay mechanics coming in the next patch. Today, we’re going to walk you through the different game objectives.

Март 27, 2019

New Maps

We've made several changes to the game's maps

Switch is an artful illusionist that can create clones to throw the hunter off track.

It’s time for a dev update! As promised in last week’s DG Insider, we’d like to give you information about a few of Deathgarden’s new features and about its revamped gameplay loop.

The Poacher is an expert in map control and, thanks to his extended stun field and hard-hitting weapons, close-range decimation.

Февраль 19, 2019

Character Reveal: Sawbones

Sawbones is a valuable team player who’s capable of rescuing fellow scavengers and quickly returning to safe grounds. 

Февраль 13, 2019

Character Reveal: Ghost

Ghost's sharp survival instincts grant him superior navigational skills and map awareness.

Февраль 11, 2019

Character Reveal: Inked

Inked is not one to shy away from challenges and isn’t afraid of soaking up a few bullets in the garden.

Февраль 7, 2019

Character Reveal: the Stalker

The Stalker is a sharp-eyed hunter that will lie in wait patiently for that perfect, savage moment.

The Inquisitor feeds off the fear of those who dare to oppose him, relishing in his preys’ suffering.

Январь 31, 2019


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been testing new features and mechanics with a few community members.

Январь 24, 2019

Character Reveal: Fog

Fog's toolkit allows him to effectively take down Constructs and cleverly escape the hunter's grasp.

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