Hello Deathgarden community,

The patch arrives with its load of new content, and to celebrate The Veteran’s arrival, Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST will enjoy a Steam sale and a free weekend*!

You can find all the details below.


Hailing from Paris, France, Leila “The Veteran” Boudet has seen her fair share of blood. A renowned soldier of Unity, she won’t hesitate to strike down whoever’s foolish enough to enter the Deathgarden.

Her main weapons are a grenade launcher and a triple barrel carbine. Among other things, The Veteran is the only hunter that can hack blood piles.

This ain’t a god damn game. Get in, make the kill, and get out.”— Leila “The Veteran” Boudet

You can read more about her story here.

The Veteran will replace The Inquisitor as the starting hunter for newly created accounts; other players will receive 1,000 iron, claimable during the week following the release of the patch, to buy the new hunter.



Onboarding: Character Rating

o   Each character now has a gameplay difficulty rating tag in the Locker Room’s Character station; they are rated as Easy, Medium or Hard.

Design Goal: The intent is to give new players a better insight at the characters’ gameplay difficulty.

UI: New In-Game Notification Widget

o   When spawning in the Locker Room, a notification widget informs players when there is an active in-game event.


Audio: Scavenger Executed

o   A new sound and voice line play when a scavenger is executed.


Gameplay: “Shock” Stagger Adjustment

o   The “shock” ability no longer staggers scavengers. The scavenger’s upper body keeps its staggered animation as a visual cue for the on-hit effect.

o   The “shock” ability no longer interrupts climbing interactions.

Design Goal: The intent is to reduce the ability’s effects while retaining its value.

Gameplay: The Stalker’s “Power Shock” Perk Damage Reduced

o   The “Power Shock” perk damage has been reduced by 50% at all levels.

   - Level 1 (10)% → (5)%.

   - Level 2 (20)% → (10)%.

   - Level 3 (30)% → (15)%.

   - Level 4 (40)% → (20)%.

   - Level 5 (50)% → (25)%.

   - Level 6 (60)% → (30)%.

   - Level 7 (70)% → (35)%.

   - Level 8 (80)% → (40)%.

   - Level 9 (90)% → (45)%.

   - Level 10 (100)% → (50)%.

Design Goal: Reducing the damage by 50% brings this perk in line with the others. It also balances hunters.


Game Experience: Challenges Removed

o   The challenges “Climb” from tiers 7 to 9 are removed from the challenge pool. The challenges still occur from tiers 3 to 5.

NOTE: These challenges remain on already purchased characters. The challenges won’t appear for perks and powers over level 5, on newly purchased characters or those who have prestige since the launch of The Veteran Patch.

Progression: Scavenger XP Gain Reviewed

o   XP rewards for specific actions have been reviewed as follow:

   - Friendly Effect: (50)XP → (60)XP.

   - Danger Close: (50)XP → (60)XP.

   - Activated Drone Kill: (40)XP → (45)XP.

   - Friendly Effect Assist: (100)XP → (115) XP.

   - Escape Chase: (250)XP → (300)XP.

   - Escape Chase Assist: (150)XP → (175)XP.

   - Scavenger Revive: (400)XP → (460)XP.

   - Golden Crate: (50)XP → (60)XP.

   - Scavenger Domination Bonus: (500)XP → (575)XP.

   - Escape the Garden: (1000)XP → (1150)XP.

Design Goal: Increase the XP scavengers receive at the end of each match to reduce the gap between scavengers’ and hunter’s gains.

*Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST will be free this weekend on Steam, from August 22nd to August 26th. At the same time, Deathgarden will be at a 50% discount price until September 4th.

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