Hey everyone! We already have an update for you. Today, we release our 5th map and our Prestige System.

New Procedural Map: Dust & Blood

“The sun shone bright on their faces when they woke, as they struggled to open eyelids that were encrusted with dust”

Today, we release our first new map, Dust & Blood, an arid landscape peppered with the crumbling ruins of an ancient civilization.

- Biome: Arizona Desert

- Weather Condition: Sandstorm

- Garden elements: Ancient temple, ruins, cacti, trees, and a large central trench

New Feature: Prestige System

We’re also releasing our Prestige System. Upon fully upgrading hunters and scavengers’ loadouts (perks, powers, weapons, etc.), you’ll have the opportunity to gain Prestige by resetting your Characters’ progression. Doing so requires that you consume a set amount of Blood cells, but gaining Prestige will grant you:

·         Prestige Full Set parts:

- Headgear

- Upper Body

- ower Body

- Weapon skin

·         Character UI Flair

There are currently 4 Prestige levels per Character. Each level you achieve will award you with one of the items listed above. Complete the 4 levels to unlock your complete Prestige Full Set.

It’s important to note that while resetting your Characters’ progress, unlocking Prestige levels DOES NOT reset your account’s progress. In other words, you will not lose the Titles you’ll unlock over time.


- [Fixed][Bug] Memory corruption on the client that rarely occurred, causing the game to crash.

- [Fixed][Bug] The character clone rarely caused the game to crash.

- [Fixed][Steam][Complete the Bundle] The pricing we had announced in order to complete the Dead by Daylight + Deathgarden Bundle was accurate for the Bundle, but the Complete the Bundle pricing was wrong. We thank you for your understanding.

- [Fixed][Steam][Terminator] The sale we had announced wasn’t active for the first couple hours.

Thank you for reading. We’ll see you in the Deathgarden!


The Deathgarden Dev Team

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