Hello everyone!

It’s been two weeks since we launched Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST, and the community’s response has been nothing short of amazing. We are very grateful for your support and hope you will keep enjoying the game, as we’re improving mechanics, fixing bugs and releasing exciting new content on a regular basis.

Today, we are releasing our second content update, introducing a cool new map and weekly leaderboards.


“They stopped and gazed silently at the long night, glowing red and green amid the falling snow. They had finally reached the enemy’s blast furnace, an invaluable target for the coming months.” 

Today, we release our sixth procedural map, Fire in the Sky, a frozen landscape covered with snow, pine trees and treacherous trenches. In the center of the map lies a massive blast furnace surrounded by body piles and hiding areas, making it a high risk, high reward zone.

- Biome: Scandinavian forest

- Weather: northern lights and faint snow fall

- Garden elements: blast furnace, bridges, pine trees, rails, trenches, snow and ice patches, brick structures and chimneys.


The Proving Grounds will be displayed in your Locker Room whether you’re playing hunter or scavenger. The hunter leaderboard and the scavenger leaderboard will each feature your top score of the week for that role. Additionally, the top 5 scorers worldwide will be displayed for each Role.

Additionally, a Tier, accompanied by a Crest, will be associated with your high score of the week.


  • Stone : top 100%
  • Bronze : top 90%
  • Silver : top 75%
  • Gold : top 50%
  • Platinum : top 25%
  • Diamond : top 10%
  • Master: top 5%
  • Grandmaster : top 1%

Stats will be updated in real time and the Proving Grounds will reset every Tuesday at 1PM EST.



Hunter UI Widget to Increase Blood Delivery Noticeability, Improving new Hunter Onboarding:

  • UI: When Blood is actively being delivered at a Blood Bank, the UI widget that appears above that point now flashes to further draw the Hunter's eye to it.

Hunter HUD Clarification, to Raise Awareness about the Down Bonus Mechanic:

  • HUD: Improved the clarity of the 'Execution Bonus' widget

- This widget appears when close to a Downed scavenger and shows the total amount of XP that will be earned (base + bonus) if the Execution is carried out. It also shows the Hunter's current and next 'Downed Multiplier' to better judge how XP grows when delaying executions

Hunter Reward Balancing, to Incentivize Downing over Executing:

  • XP: XP Rewards for 'Downs' and 'Executions' have been modified

- Down: (200)XP →(400)XP

Design Goal: We want to incentivize 'Downing': it's the hardest thing for a Hunter to do, it should be properly rewarded

- Execution: 1X down Execution (500)XP → (50)XP, each additional 1x (150)XP → (250)XP

Design Goal: We want to incentivize getting a higher number of Downs before the Executions start to occur. We want to soften the brutality of getting Executed in the first few moments, while still supporting the Hunter fantasy of being an unstoppable badass. With these numbers, Hunters that Down more will get more XP than with the previous tunings. The glory of the Gardens awaits for Hunters with patience and good aim!

Hunter Comfort Increase, Reloading While Sprinting:

  • Reloading: Hunters can now Reload while Sprinting

Hunter Gameplay Balancing: Crate Hacking, Execution Range, Shock Ability & Stamina Regen:

  • Crate Hacking: all Crates now only require (1) shot from any weapon.

Design goal: Hacking crates is a powerful mechanic, but the cost in both time and ammo was not balanced with the reward. This change should put more value into Crate Hacking for hunters.

  • Execution range: Increased the 'Execution' interaction distance by ~(.64)m 

- There were certain structures that caused scavengers to be able to 'hide' from being Executed

  • Shock ability: 'Shock' cooldown reduced (6.5)s → (5.5)s
  • Stamina regeneration: Base Stamina regeneration rate increased by 20% and cooldown reduced by 10%


Scavenger Gameplay Balancing: Bolt & Dust Trails Increase, Powers and Perks Fine Tuning

  • Bolt trail VFX increase, making it more dangerous to shoot near the hunter

- Increased duration of Bolt trail VFX (0.9)s → (2)s

  • Dust trail VFX increase, making it more dangerous to run near the hunter

- Increased duration of Dust trail VFX (0.5)s → (0.75)s

  • Power: ‘Clone’, now more realistic

- Clones will now occasionally Evade, and are able to climb small walls (but not large ones)

Design Goal: Although we have gotten feedback that Clones are fun to use, the survival rate for Characters using Clone are lower than other Powers (both in Chase Escapes, and Garden Escapes)

- Clones are now revealed when passing under a 'Drone cone'

  • Power: ‘Healing Bolt’ has been made more consistent

- Revived Scavengers Health (3/3) -> (2/3)

Design Goal: Provide more value for Switch’s ‘Revivalist’ Unique Bonus. Consistency with revival from Healing Crates. Reduce healing disparity value (healing vs reviving). Place a small tax on total Health from Power Core Crates.

  • Power: ‘Active Camo’ noticeability increase

- Modified to allow slight visibility for the hunter when the affected scavenger is actively 'Evading' and when firing their Vambrace

Design Goal: While we love the escape/fun potential of 'Active Camo', the Chase Escape and Garden Escape survival rates for this Power are too high compared to the average

  • Ghost’s Perk ‘Lucky Charm’ challenge requirements increase

- Increased Ghost's 'Lucky Charm' Perk Challenge Requirements for levels (2), (6) and (10) by (33)%

  • Scavenger Progression Tweaks: Removal of Some of the Less Appreciated Challenges

- Scavenger Challenges: Removed 'Crouch', 'Hang', and 'Jump' from level 7, 8 and 9 Challenges 

Please note that you must either Prestige your Character or start with a brand new one to guarantee that you won’t get these Challenges at levels (7, 8, 9). Those with the Challenges currently active will keep their progression and get to complete them as before. Further improvements to the Challenge roster will occur in upcoming patches.


Blood Mode and End of Match Alterations, Increasing Tension:

  • Blood Mode: Blood can now be collected by Scavengers during Blood Mode
  • End of Match timer: (1) min → (2) mins after Exits have opened


Prestige Cosmetic Rewards Now More Prestigious

  • Scavenger Prestige Cosmetics now more bloody
  • Hunter Prestige Cosmetics now more gold (and sometimes bloody, too!)


  • [Matchmaking][Resolved] When a hunter leaves a Ready Room, no new hunter can replace the previous one. A new hunter will now be able to replace the previous one.
  • [Animation][Resolved] Scavengers legs would sometimes behave in unnatural ways. Their legs are now more grounded in the environment.
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