Our content update for this 5th patch offers a wide selection in character customization. It introduces the Cosmetic Vendor. Our intent is to have players’ unique styles and personalities reflected in the Deathgarden characters. The patch also includes balance changes around Dash and The Inquisitor.


Being in the Deathgarden isn’t only about surviving and killing. It can also be about standing out from the crowd by showing your colours and style. The Cosmetic Vendor will add a styled touch to the gardens by allowing Scavengers and Hunters to buy outfits.

Each cosmetic has been tailored for an individual character and there are 5 new different sets for each Scavenger and Hunter. This means the Cosmetic Vendor arrives with 45 full sets that amount to 180 cosmetic pieces. This is just a start as we plan to add more cosmetics in the future. You can read the full details on the reveal article.



Gameplay/Balance: Number of Health Crates Reduced

·         The amount of Health Crates is reduced by ~50%.

Design Goal: With the new Recycling mechanic, the number of Health Crates was unbalancing the match as it detracts from the value of Healing Bolt. Health Crates weren’t as much needed. This change will help balance the game in 2 ways: it will balance The Inquisitor’s “Deny Deny Deny” power by limiting the ability to chain stamina increases, and it will make the map easier to navigate.


Comfort: The “Recycle” and “Execution” Buttons Have Been Reconfigured

·         The default button callouts for “Recycle” and “Execution” are modified. Respectively, “E” button → “R”; “R” button → “Q”.

Design Goal: Our original intention was to incentivize “Recycling” by replacing the original “Execution” button with the “Recycling” one. Reconfiguring these actions allows for more comfortable controls, and also makes it easier for new players to memorize.


 Gameplay/Balance: “Code Optimization” Perk Speed Reduced

·         Dash’s perk “Code Optimization” has been altered.

·         Level 1: Crate interaction speed increase goes from +(5)% → +(3)%

·         Each additional level: (5)% → (3)%

Design Goal: The perk was unbalancing the chase dynamics.


Next week, we will hold a public test for the hunt with a friend (HWF) feature. For those interested, please add it to your calendar!

The HWF public test will be on Thursday, August 1st from 6 PM to 9 PM (EDT).

Specifically, during these 3 hours, the normal 1V5 mode will be replaced by the HWF mode.

More tests are planned in the following weeks, at different times, to ensure all the community’s members can try the new game mode. Stay tuned as we’ll share more information about it.

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