Hello Deathgardeners,

Coming up in this week’s patch: new Origin Skins, a new map, the Harvest your Exit implementation as the “Default” mode and some balancing.

Important: Custom key bindings will be reset following some changes we made. Please make sure you remap them before hitting the garden!


Bloodshed has just begun in the Arctic circle! These desolate lands covered in everlasting snow are the final resting place of scavengers bold enough to go out in the open, as hunter may gun them down from icy cliffs.

Biome: Arctic

Weather: Bleak Winter

Garden Elements: Radar towers, wind turbines, living pods, snowcats, research station, generators, containers, icebergs.


With today’s patch, Harvest you Exit will now be Deathgarden’s default mode.

We gathered feedback on the game objectives, and we now feel confident in implementing it permanently. As we’re constantly looking to improve the experience, we’ll keep on balancing the game and address gameplay concerns.

We adjusted the delivery goal for each Blood Needle; to open an exit, scavengers now need to deliver 50 blood in 1v5 and 60 during the Hunt with a Friend events.

The “Last Man Standing” situation has been a recurring topic since the release of Harvest your Exit. We decided to change how the game ends when there’s only one scavenger left. When no Blood Needle has been filled, and only one scavenger remains, every exit delivery quota will be set to 1 blood. An exit will trigger as soon as another blood is delivered.

On Sunday, the Hunt with a Friend still occurs and will remain a Harvest your Exit experience.


The Origin skins collection will expand with the addition of the Ghost Origin “Prodigal Son” full set. This set shows Amini’s origins before he became Ghost.

You can check the lore and the concept arts that inspired us right here.

We’re also adding alternate versions of The Inquisitor and Ghost’s Origin skins. Grab your resources and be sure to pay the Cosmetic Vendor a visit.


With today’s update, we’d like to gradually address an issue frequently brought to our attention:

Players disconnecting during the game. Our intent is to give incentives for them to stay for the match’s duration.

The benefit system works as follows: Players now earn honour points by completing games and may earn resources as a result. On the Tally Screen at the end of each match, players can see their own honour dial with its five distinct bars, each corresponding to an honour point.

All players start with the dial full—with 5 honour points. If the number of honour points is higher than or equal to 5, players will earn 20 iron per match completed. Scavengers don’t have to spectate the whole match in order to earn honour points; they can leave after they died and reached the Tally Screen.

If they leave a match early—which means a situation that prevents the Tally Screen showing up such as leaving mid-game, disconnecting, etc.—they will be notified by a pop-up for their behaviour and how much it impacts other players’ games. First offenders are granted a second chance.

If a player leaves a match early again, they will lose all their honour points and won’t receive their rewards. They will have to regain their honour, one bar at a time. Please note that honour points don’t reset between game sessions and that the consecutive number of games played is displayed right above the honour dial.



 Balance: Drone Health Change

o    Drone health is reduced from (45) → (22).

o    Fog can destroy a drone with only (1) bolt; all other scavengers can do so with (2) bolts.

o    Vambraces can still destroy drones with (1) bolt.

Gameplay: Daily Challenges Adjusted

o    Both “Domination” challenges have been reviewed

      - Scavenger’s daily challenge is to open at least one exit.

      - Hunters’ daily challenge is to kill 4 scavengers in a match.

Gameplay:  Turrets and Drones

o    Both active drones and turrets are revealed to hunters and scavengers once deactivated.

Quality of Life: Game Controls Brought Together

o   Each control options, whether for controller or mouse, are now together under the “Control” section in “Settings”.

o   Controller and mouse options are now shown side by side.


Balance: “Deny, Deny, Deny” Power Reduced

o    The Inquisitor’s ability to regain stamina is reduced from (30)% → (15)% per Health Crate.

Design Goal: This change brings The Inquisitor perk’s balance in line with those of other hunters.

Balance: Auto Turrets Reviewed

o    Turrets now deactivate like Drones; when disabled, a timer bar appears over them.

o    Turrets health decreases from (75) → (60).

o    Turrets no longer disappear after (90)s.

o    Turrets’ range increase has been reviewed.

      - Level 1: (31)m → (28)m

      - Level 10: (40)m → (55)m and has been adjusted in between.

o    Turret cooldown increased from (45)s → (90)s.

o    Turrets regenerate health faster, from (8)s → (4)s.

Design Goal: The Turrets’ original intent is to restrict the access to certain areas. These changes will allow hunters to effectively use them as area denial tools.

Balance: Snakebite Assault Recoil Increased

o    The Inquisitor’s Snakebite assault gun has more recoil vertically and horizontally.

Balance: Trisyknt Burst Rifle Magazine Reviewed

o    The Trisyknt burst rifle magazine now collects (60) → (45) ammunition from Ammo crates.

Quality of life: Add Control Option for “Sprint” 

o   A default movement checkbox for “Sprint” added in the “Controls” menu.

Control: Add “Turn Around” Option

o   The “crouch” action is replaced by a new action: a 180° turn.

Design Goal: We want to increase the hunter’s mobility and a 180° turn will help them in tracking down scavengers. We’ve decided to remove the barely used “crouch” option to free an active key.


Balance: Fog’s “Heat of the Moment” and “Fleet Feet” Reviewed

o    Fog’s “Heat of the Moment” and “Fleet Feet” no longer stack. The highest value increase takes precedence over the lowest value.

Design Goal: We realized that the combination of these perks was unbalanced. With that change, we want to align the value of Fog’s perks with those of other scavengers.

Gameplay: Switch’s “Sudden Insight” and “Treasure Hunter” VFX change

o   Switch’s perks now use different VFXs.

Design Goal: This change allows identifying which perks is being used and removes confusion with “marked” objects.

Control: Add a Toggle Option for Crouch

o    A “crouch” toggle option is available in the “Controls” menu.

Challenge: “Destroy Constructs” Reviewed

o    The challenge “Destroy Constructs” now include both drones and turrets. 


[FIXED][HUD][Spectate] When spectating, all the information in the upper left corner isn’t displayed.
[FIXED][Animation][Hunter][The Stalker] The Stalker’s arms bend unnaturally when performing an emote.
[FIXED][Garden] Scavengers overs slightly above the ground in almost all maps.
[FIXED][Progression][Hunt with a Friend][Hunter][The Veteran] The Veteran receives a “Friendly Effect” XP if another hunter is hit by her “shock”.
[FIXED][Visual][Garden][Blowout] Some ground textures don’t appear correctly.
[FIXED][Audio][Hunter][The Veteran]The reveal SFX plays when The Veteran uses her shock ability near a crate.
[FIXED][Menu][Text] The Cerberus 3BC has two skins with the same name and lore text.
[FIXED][Visual][Scavenger][Fog] All of Fog’s coat interiors miss some texture.
[FIXED][VFX][Garden][Scavenger] While spectating, Dash’s “shimmer” VFX remains on the Exit platform after escaping with his “Speed Boost” active.
[FIXED][Hunt with a Friend][Hunter] The Veteran’s shock ability will reveal the second hunter.
[FIXED][VFX][Locker Room][Hunter] The “supercharge” VFX persists when opening a menu.
[FIXED][SFX][Garden][Hunter] When the hunter is out of bound, the scavenger’s SFX play.
[FIXED][Visual][Garden][Fire in the Sky] Blood splatters appear blue.
[FIXED][Animation] Clones run erratically and may float.
[FIXED][Animation][Hunter][The Poacher] The Poacher’s arm texture stretches when using a shotgun.

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