Design Director Matt Jackson gives an overview of the game rules and gameplay mechanics.

The next phase of live-testing commences today. Following closed beta, Deathgarden will move into Steam Early Access in August.

We are excited to announce the Deathgarden Closed Beta will commence June 19th until the 26th at 9am EST!

The Closed Alpha is now wrapped up and generated a lot of constructive feedback.

With new players joining the Closed Alpha every day, we felt it was the right time to share basic tutorial videos - one for the Runner and one for the Hunter. Before entering the 'Garden', we recommend you watch both.

Beginning May 9th at 3PM EST, we are kicking off the Closed Alpha for Deathgarden.

April 9, 2018

PAX East 2018 Recap

The Deathgarden dev team had an amazing time at this year's PAX East in Boston! We want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth to check out the game and play a match as a Runner or Hunter.

Enter a spectacular dystopian blood sport in Behaviour® Digital’s new multiplayer action game Deathgarden™

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