It has been hard to keep it secret, but here we are! The next patch will introduce the Cosmetic Vendors, two designers tailoring the fierce Hunters and their nimble prey, the Scavengers.These designers will raise the Deathgarden competitors’ fame by styling them with various cosmetics to bring out their unique nature.

Let’s hit the Proving Grounds and see how it works.

Welcome to ABENA’s and Wilson’s Shops

Scavengers and Hunters are required to interact with their own vendor to buy cosmetics. Scavengers deal with the Wardrobe Master Abena, while Hunters benefit from Wilson’s help.

“You may have lost everything to get here but you don’t need to go around advertising it.” — Abena Andenet Belai 

An up-and-coming designer, Abena's ego rises faster than reality can keep up. While she sees the Scavengers as below her standing, their entry into the Bloodharvest provides the exposure she craves. Knowing an opportunity when she sees it, she’s begrudgingly accepted to outfit the competitors in hopes of drawing the viewers’ attention to their death-defying styles.  

Abena’s certain she can make them famous. All they have to do is keep their damn blood off the clothes. 

“Any idiot with a gun can blast a scav’s head off. You want to be part of the Enclave’s elite, you gotta set yourself apart.” — Kayla Wilson 

A fast-talker who backs the Garden’s top talent, Wilson knows what it takes for a Hunter to become a legend. It doesn’t matter if you impress the fans or scare the hell outta them. What matters is making them remember you. Get geared up and build your brand, because you’re more than a bloodthirsty thug—you’re an icon of the Enclave’s glory. 

Showcase Your Nature

Cosmetics make you stand out of the crowd. They stitch a sense of personality and uniqueness on each competitor. Fights in the Garden are a show for the elites living in the Enclave, and fame can  be a way to alleviate the pain of dealing with death every day… maybe.

With the update’s release, each Scavenger and Hunter can buy cosmetics from 5 full sets (a grand total of 45 skins). They can buy entire sets or mix and match. Careful, though. Since everything is tailored specifically for each Hunter and Scavenger, exchanging cosmetics from a Scavenger to another is not possible. 

Work Hard to Tailor Yourself

The Vendors will accept resources acquired in the Deathgardens as payments. Cosmetics can only be bought with Blood, Ink, and Iron.

Each set is priced differently. Vendors divide cosmetics into different categories based on how they differ from the original attire.

-          Standard, a colour swap

-          Specialized, original model with a texture swap

-          Superior, minor model alteration with a texture swap

-         And more to come as the game is constantly evolving!

Eager to try out these new cosmetics and show your true, hidden nature? Keep an eye on Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST as the Cosmetic Vendor feature will arrive in the coming  update, on July 25th!

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