We've made quite a few balancing changes since the Closed Beta and we wanted to share these with you before we hit Soft Launch and Early Access!

General Runner Changes

  • Increased the number of possible consecutive Evades (Ability) (2->5)
  • Increased single (1) Runners’ capture speed by ~20% (this does not affect group capture speed)
  • Reduced the maximum number of active Caltrops per Runner (10->5)
  • Increased Runners’ invulnerability period after being Revived (3.7->5.2s)
  • Increased the number of possible consecutive wall jumps (3->4)
  • Increased Caltrop persistency (remains on ground for) from (20->40s)
  • Reduced Caltrops' NPI cost (200->150) NPI
  • Changed the default crouch key (C->Left Ctrl)

Runner Perks

  • Decreased 'Evade Master' stamina recovery bonus (100%->40%)
  • Decreased 'Damage Dodger' bonus (50%->40% damage reduction while Evading)

Runner: Torment Class

  • Blind bolts and Caltrops are now Torment Class powers
  • Reduced the duration of 'Blind' (3->2.5s)
  • Increased Tier 3 'Virus' bolts Stamina burn (20%->50%)
  • Tier 1 and 2 'Reveal' bolts now reveal the Hunter’s loadout information, i.e. remaining ammo and Weapon loadout, Stamina, and Power cool downs. (used to be Tier 3’s Bonus effect)
  • Tier 3 'Reveal' Bolts now prevent the Hunter from 'Hacking' objects (used to reveal the Hunter’s loadout information)

Runner: Support Class

  • 'Healing' bolts no longer instantly heal upon impact; they now heal over a period of 2s

Control Class

  • 'Degenerate' Bolts and Caltrops are now Control Class powers
  • Tier 3 'Degenerate' Bolts now also decrease the Hunter’s Reload speed by 20% (on top of forcing the Hunter to Reload their weapon)
  • Increased the duration of Tier 3 'Stun' bolts "HUD removal" debuff (4->6.5s)
  • Reduced the potency of Tier 3 Slow bolts' "rate of fire" debuff (60%->50%)
  • Reduced the duration of 'Slow' bolts' "movement speed" debuff (5->4s)

General Hunter Changes (general gameplay)

  • Increased the distance from which the Hunter can send a downed Runner to the Bloodpost (2->3m interaction distance)
  • Reduced Hunter’s stamina recovery speed (0.6 -> 0.54 Stamina/Second)
  • Increased the duration of the "Hack reveal" debuff (6-> 8 seconds)
  • Changed the default crouch key (C->Left Ctrl)

Hunter Powers, Perks, & Abilities

  • Increased Supercharge Ability's Stamina activation cost (2->2.25)
  • Decreased Stun Ability's duration (1.1->0.4s)
  • Increased Stun Ability's Stamina cost (4->3)
  • Stun now deals 20 damage
  • Implemented Turret minimum distance from Bloodpost: 30m
  • Implemented Mine minimum distance from Bloodpost: 13m
  • Increased Turret cooldown (35s->45s)
  • Reduced Mine Runner-detection delay (5->3s)
  • Increased the ammo bonus from the 'Extra Toppings' Perk (30%->50%)

Hunter Weapons

  • Decreased Hunter’s starting ammo and starting ammo reserve for all Weapons: This depends on the Weapon Type, but most Weapons will have two spare clips/magazines
  • Decreased the quantity of ammo obtained from crates: Dependent on Weapon Type. Most Crates now give two full clips/magazines per weapon
  • Reduced the LMG’s damage output (12.5->10.1 damage per bullet)
  • Increased the LMG’s reserve ammo capacity (150->300)
  • Reduced LMG spread when aiming down the sights (ADS) (~+15%)
  • All Sniper Rifles deal 50% less damage to Runners within a 15-meter range
  • Reduced 'Core design TTX' Sniper rate of fire by 10%
  • Reduced 'Core design TTX' Sniper damage per bullet (~60–>40 damage per bullet)
  • Increased Snipers’ weapon spread (~10%)
  • Added scope drift to Sniper Rifles
  • Removed critical damage on Shotgun headshots (shotgun headshots now deal the normal amount of damage)
  • All Shotguns deal 10% less damage
  • Increased Assault Rifle clip size (30->40 rounds)
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