Last week, we talked about our character lineup, which we’ve been working on these past few months. We also introduced Fog, the first scavenger to join Deathgarden’s roster. Today, we’d like to present you our first hunter, the Inquisitor. 

Default hunter power: Turrets—Places up to two heat-sensitive turrets that shoot nearby scavengers. 

Default loadout—Assault rifle and shotgun

The Inquisitor is a cunning hunter capable of forcing scavengers out of hiding. He feeds off the fear of those who dare to oppose him, relishing in his preys’  suffering. 

The Inquisitor is symbiotic with the garden and moves efficiently around his arena.

Early concept of The Inquisitor

Backstory concept art of The Inquisitor

“Make your own glory through their destruction.” — Tomás Guerra

Stay tuned for more character reveals. Next week, we’ll share some more content about Fog and the Inquisitor.

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