Arizona Update Now Live!

We are pleased to launch our first content update in Early Access! Explore the new Arizona garden and check out the latest Hunter and Runner perks, new shotgun, and numerous balancing changes. In addition, we will be releasing weekly challenges, and private matches are now enabled!

We have released the patch notes for the Arizona update here. We invite you to read them to learn about all the new content and specific details about balancing changes.


Arizona Showdown

On October 2nd at 2pm EDT there will be a showdown between Cahlaflour and Umbra on the Deathgarden Twitch channel! They will each play two matches against the Runner team consisting of FudgeMorfTravic, TydeTyme, and SwapMe. Only one Hunter will take home the winning title! Jason Kaplan will be commentating the show - don't miss it!

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