Hello Deathgardeners!

The time has come for hunters and scavengers to try a new hunting ground. We’re introducing today a new procedural map, called Gold Rush!

Gold Rush is a desert-themed map. It distinguishes itself by its red environment, its dooming hurricane and the mine infrastructure in its centre. An ominous atmosphere that fills the Deathgarden with a feeling of unease.

Biome: Desert

On the United States’ West Coast lies an old, abandoned gold mine. There used to be plenty of mineral deposits in Arizona, but they now stand as forgotten testimonies of better times. The life around them was disturbed by the Collective and Unity wars. All that’s left are obsolete structures whose shadows crept over the desolate lands, marked only by the sporadic life of the desert’s flora.

Weather: In the Eye of the Hurricane

‘’Under heavy, storm-laden, Arizona skies, a Divided recon unit was scanning the north-eastern horizon for possible threats.“

As the sky falls on you, a terrible storm greets you. Lightning strikes and dust stirred by strong winds will lessen your visibility. It’s called the ‘’Eye of the Hurricane “, because you feel like at the world’s end.

An overwhelming chaos is a proper design for a ruthless hunt.

Garden Elements: wood cart, windmill, water tower, mine shafts, mine carts, crates, barrels

Scavengers and hunters shall find themselves walking among broken rails, old barrels and mine shafts, all that which have been left behind. There are bridges to cross and gapes to hide into.

The tall tower glooming in the centre may be your last stand, as you climb the walls or run the rails under it.

Scavengers will find the mine carts and windmills useful to hide. Water towers offer the higher ground for whoever is brave enough to stand out of the shadow, but hunters may be lurking nearby in wait. Mine shafts may be the perfect spot for an ambush, as their long, narrow galleries don’t provide any cover.

Brace yourselves for the incoming storm, as the Gold Rush map arrives with the next patch on Thursday, August 8th.

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