Dear Deathgarden community,

It is with optimism, excitement and a little bit of nervousness that we come to you today in the midst of our big reboot update. We first released Deathgarden in Early Access in August 2018, and while the initial community response was positive, we still missed some key elements to keep players interested in our game.

As you can imagine, the past eight months have been intense. Following your feedback, we decided to do a major turnaround and redefine the entire identity of the game. Taking on such a challenge was not going to be easy, but we believed in the game’s potential and, most importantly, in our team.

Today, a new chapter of Deathgarden begins. We saw an opportunity for a second chance, and we took it head-on. Amid the reboot, we’d like to thank the people behind the scenes whose precious feedback helped us get the game back on track, and the community who supported us in the ups and downs of the development process. We are moved by the support of those who stayed with us.

With Deathgarden™: BLOODHARVEST, we wish to cultivate and encourage an even stronger relationship with our community, and to improve our commitment towards it. To our community, old and new members, we hope you will join us on this journey to build a long-lasting game.


The Deathgarden Dev team

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