the stalker

The forests of the Deathgardens, though artificial, can be dark and forbidding places. The weight of ancient power can seem to drip from every branch. Eyes regard you from the shadows and an attack can come from any direction, at any time. There is movement. Leaves rustle and you catch a glimpse of antlers passing by. You feel the impact and you hit the ground before you hear the crack of the gun. Your blood drains into the mossy floor as a pointed shadow looms above you. The Stalker has forever made you a part of her forest.


Fade Fade

starting perks

Stealer Stealer
Hey Down There Hey Down There

additional perks

Power Shock Power Shock
Power Booster (Fade) Power Booster (Fade)
Stunning Stunning
Lucky Charm Lucky Charm

unique bonus

Auto Hack Auto Hack
Marked Eye Marked Eye


Sniper Rife Sniper Rife
Core Design TTX22
Burst Rifle Burst Rifle
TriSynkt .45c
Auto Sniper Auto Sniper
MowZer 320


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