the poacher

The Bloodharvest is not a game, not even a way to gain entry into the luxurious life of The Enclaves. It’s a portcullis, a barrier, keeping the sacred spaces from those who would sully their memories. Declan Krefft is a gatekeeper, stopping incursions into his land with ruthless efficiency. He can smell your scent on the wind, track your footprints through the undergrowth, and uncover your hiding place. The Deathgardens are his territory, and you are not welcome.


Proximity Mines Proximity Mines

starting perks

Ragdoll Ragdoll
Extra Toppings Extra Toppings

additional perks

Compensator (LMG) Compensator (LMG)
Power Booster (Mines) Power Booster (Mines)
Bigger Clipper Bigger Clipper
Stamina Freak Stamina Freak

unique bonus

Bubble Buster Bubble Buster
Ammo Hoarder Ammo Hoarder


PassaM HackSaw T24
Auto Shotgun Auto Shotgun
Jasper 67V
Hunting Shotgun Hunting Shotgun
Flynn Sn14