the inquisitor

Tomás Guerra felt like something was missing from his life, until he joined The Pure, a fanatical group who execute the will of a charismatic leader. Now he heads an inquisition, uncovering plots and quelling dissent with ruthless efficiency. Any who dare to oppose The Pure are located and thrown into The Bloodharvest, where Guerra hunts them down, for the final time. His face may be hidden, but his gaze is penetrating. Pray that it does not fall on you.


Anti Personnel Turret Anti Personnel Turret

starting perks

So close So close
Auto Collect Auto Collect

additional perks

Speed Demon Speed Demon
Power Booster (Turrets) Power Booster (Turrets)
Hacker Hacker
Great Shape Great Shape

unique bonus

deny Deny DENY deny Deny DENY
Maximum Stamina Maximum Stamina


Assault Rifle Assault Rifle
Snake Bite
Shotgun Shotgun
Mauler 190
Burst Rifle Burst Rifle
TriSynkt .45c