In the past, Runners used biometric tattoos, to make them faster, stronger, better. Aishwarya Kumaran wanted to return to those days, developing her own methods and technologies to help Scavengers against the Hunters.
When her allies turned on her, wanting to keep the tattoos for themselves, she fled where they would not follow: into the Deathgardens. If she can beat the Hunters, she can win her way out of the country, escape her pursuers and use her tech to help others get into The Enclaves.


Shield Shield
Active Camo Active Camo

starting perks

Staying Alive Staying Alive
Cling Wrap Cling Wrap

additional perks

Resting Resting
Keep Hanging On Keep Hanging On
Deliver Master Deliver Master
Damage Dodger Damage Dodger

unique bonus

Maximum Stamina Maximum Stamina
Maximum Health Maximum Health