Januar 31, 2019


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been testing new features and mechanics with a few community members.

Januar 24, 2019

Character Reveal: Fog

Fog's toolkit allows him to effectively take down Constructs and cleverly escape the hunter's grasp.

We’re pleased to announce that we’re rebuilding Deathgarden’s core experience.

November's transition patch is the first step towards Deatharden's new/realigned vision.

Deathgarden is transforming into a savage trial of unnatural selection.

Deathgarden will evolve; we’re realigning the game with our original vision and shaping its future around a darker and more brutal fantasy.

September 26, 2018

Arizona Update & Showdown

We are pleased to launch our first content update in Early Access! Explore the new Arizona garden and check out the latest Hunter and Runner perks, new shotgun, and numerous balancing changes. In addition, we will be releasing weekly challenges, and private matches are now enabled!

We are pleased to reveal Deathgarden’s Early Access roadmap and priorities for the upcoming four months.

From August 14th to August 21st, STEAM players can try the game for free.

We've made quite a few balancing changes since the Closed Beta and we wanted to share these with you before we hit Soft Launch and Early Access!

Get ready to jump back into the garden — Deathgarden hits early access on august 14th!

Calling all creators! We’re proud to announce our revenue sharing program for DEATHGARDEN.

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