Deathgarden will evolve; we’re realigning the game with our original vision and shaping its future around a darker and more brutal fantasy.

When we started developing Deathgarden, our mission was to create a game that would be filled with exciting and memorable moments ranging from epic chases to clutch kills and rescues. Although we did achieve several of our initial goals, Deathgarden isn’t where we’d like it to be.

So, today, we’re announcing that Deathgarden will evolve; we’re realigning the game with our original vision and shaping its future around a darker and more brutal fantasy.

This evolution will directly impact all aspects of the game, from visuals to gameplay. It will also help us reinforce the game’s identity. And so, in the coming months of Early Access, we’ll be working diligently on revamping Deathgarden’s art direction, defining our characters’ identity and progression, and reworking central gameplay elements.

We want to reassure you, though: Deathgarden will retain its asymmetrical nature. We’re simply working on improving the game’s fantasy, on giving it more depth and meaning, and on ensuring the synergy between fantasy and gameplay.

Our brutal and dystopian fantasy requires a complete revamp of our Hunter and Runner character design. Many of the images we’ve included in the dev diary are works in progress. We look forward to showing you how our character design evolves in the coming weeks!

As mentioned above, we’re in midst of creating characters. We want our Hunters to embody brutality and our Runners to convey a sense of hardship and struggle. Each character will boast their own backstory and progression “line.” Although we can’t reveal too much about the progression system yet (because we’re still developing the feature), we can say that the more you play with the different characters, the more you’ll unlock their potential.

Our realigned fantasy also necessitates that we rework and re-evaluate several core gameplay elements. One such element is that of “team play.” Like the progression system, we don’t have too many details for you today, but we are looking to better reward individual Runners and Hunters for what they accomplish in the Garden.

We’d like to finish off by stating that our previous roadmap is no longer valid. The reason for this is, quite simply, that it no longer reflects the direction in which we’re evolving. Despite the changes we have in store for Deathgarden, we sincerely believe that we’ve built a solid foundation. This is largely thanks to you, the community. You’ve shown us tremendous support and provided us with precious feedback.

We look forward to keeping you updated throughout the journey! Stay tuned.

The Deathgarden Dev Team

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