Next week, we'll be releasing a “transition” patch. While the changes we’re making might seem small at a first glance (or even surprising), they’re the first step towards Deathgarden’s new/realigned vision. In other words, we’re introducing some elements that are part of a bigger whole.


One of our main tasks moving forward is the redesigning and rethinking of Deathgarden’s victory conditions—what it means to ‘win’ a match. Our initial philosophy was that Runners should win as a team or lose as a team. Runners would be victorious if and only if they manage to complete all objectives and escape the Garden. On the other hand, the Hunter should win if and only if they wipe out enough Runners.

Our new philosophy, however, puts much more emphasis on the individual player. Runners are still part of a team, but they’re also individuals with personal goals and a will to survive.

When the November patch goes live, matches will no longer end immediately upon three Runner deaths or three Runner escapes. If the Hunter kills three Runners, the two remaining Runners will have the chance to escape the Garden with their lives and reap a small reward (more information on that in future articles). Similarly, if the Runner team successfully captures the objectives and three Runners escape, the Hunter will have the opportunity to get additional kills. Ultimately, we want to reduce the reliance on teamplay and better reward your individual actions.

We’re confident that these changes will change the feeling of Hunter and Runner defeats and, as you’ll discover in future articles, we believe that they’ll make for a much more meaningful and satisfying Deathgarden experience.


In addition to altering the game’s victory conditions, we’re introducing the first iteration of the new tally screen. After each match, players will be able to measure their individual performance in the garden and will be given a score. Keep in mind that this tally screen will become more meaningful further down the line.


In next week’s patch, we’ll also implement some changes that will make Runners think twice before taking the Hunter head-on! You’ll find out more in next week’s patch notes.


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing with you concepts of our new art direction. This week, we even showed you a glimpse of our new in-game atmosphere. We’re happy to announce that we’ve implemented new ‘Weather Conditions’ in the November patch.

We’re also adding in a new Hunter weapon and new perks. Although these might change in future updates, we’ve decided to nonetheless release the content we’ve been working on since entering Early Access.

As mentioned above, this patch is a first step in the new direction. While the changes we’re implementing next week might seem small, they’re making way for our next patch, which should be much more significant.

Stay tuned for more information in upcoming communications.

The Deathgarden Dev Team

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