Previously, we talked about the new Deathgarden’s gameplay mechanics coming in the next patch. Today, we’re going to walk you through the different game objectives. 

Run for your life 

Scavengers’ main goal is to escape. To get out of the garden, scavengers must survive the hunter’s onslaught and reach the exit. There are different ways to trigger exit spawning.

  1. Blood delivery: The fastest way for scavengers to achieve their goal is to deliver blood. If scavengers gather and successfully deliver [125] blood by filling up the Blood Banks, the exits will open, and Blood Mode will activate. During Blood Mode, scavengers are revealed to the hunter and so begins the final chase. 
  2. Last scavenger standing: The exits open if the hunter executes [4] scavengers. The last scavenger standing will have a chance to run to the exits and survive Blood Mode. 
  3. Surviving until the end: If neither scavengers nor the hunter successfully triggers exit opening, the exits will spawn after [8] minutes.  

Finding the right balance between delivering blood and staying safe is key to making it out alive. Daring to deliver blood, eluding the hunter and escaping the garden lead to the most rewarding actions scavengers can do. Other valuable actions include taking down hunter’s constructs and marking objects allowing scavengers to regain control of the map. Altruistic actions also grant a significant amount of rewards. These include, but are not limited to, healing, shielding, or reviving a fellow scavenger.  

Shoot to Kill 

The hunter’s main objective is to kill. This can be done by tracking, chasing, downing and executing scavengers. Hunters prove their supremacy by the number of scavengers they can down and execute. Once [4] scavengers are executed, the exits spawn and Blood Mode is activated. This will challenge the hunter to secure their 5th and final kill, showing their utter dominance in the garden. 

Tracking scavengers and gaining map control can be done in many ways.

The primary way of achieving dominance is by using their unique powers and loadouts. Hunter powers can give crucial information to hunters when triggered. Some of them will help surprise scavengers, while others will get them out of hiding, zone them out or even hurt them directly. 

Another important strategy is to activate drones. Drones are constructs that are scattered around the map. The hunter can activate them by using power cores, found in blue crates. Drones help force scavengers out of hiding by revealing the ones in their range. These constructs provide map control to the hunter by limiting scavenger safe areas and restricting their movements.  

Hacking crates also allows the hunters to gain map awareness. The hunter hacks crates by shooting at them. If a scavenger collects a hacked crate, their position will be revealed to the hunter for [8] seconds.  

Nothing is given in the garden and winning it all is going to be a daunting task. Find your own approach and get ready to tackle the garden! 

The Deathgarden Dev Team 

[*] Values are subject to change 

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