We are pleased to reveal Deathgarden’s Early Access roadmap and priorities for the upcoming four months.

4-Month Roadmap

We are pleased to reveal Deathgarden’s Early Access roadmap and priorities for the upcoming four months. We will add new content monthly, implement onboarding efforts for new players, as well as additional progression elements. View our full roadmap below.

BattlEye Integration

Deathgarden has partnered up with BattlEye! This anti-cheat system will help us prevent hackers and cheaters from muddling with your Deathgarden experience.

What is BattlEye?

At its core, BattlEye is a proactive protection system that puts a strong shield around the entire game. This shield blocks off most hacks right from the start!

BattlEye also boasts an intelligent dynamic ‘on-the-fly’ detection system, which helps ensure that unrelenting cheaters are quickly globally banned.

BattleEye is constantly evolving to prevent new forms of attacks on games.

How it works

BattleEye scans your computer’s memory for cheating software that attempt to bypass your computer’s protection.

Note that BattlEye runs in the background while Deathgarden is running. However, the anti-cheat’s bandwith/cpu consumption is negligible. (You don’t have to worry about BattlEye affecting your computer’s performance.)

Should I be concerned about privacy issues?

BattlEye will never collect nor store information that is unrelated to Deathgarden or hack-detecting mechanisms.

Can I uninstall Battleye and still play Deathgarden?

No. There are several validation steps upon launching Deathgarden. One such step validates the presence of BattlEye on your computer.

For more information about BattlEye, please refer to the official BattleEye FAQ.

End of August Patch

  • Analytics tool integration to improve the Arena Generation process
  • New Hunter perk, “Auto-Collect,” which allows the Hunter to auto-collect crates from a distance
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