Over the past few months, our designers, artists, and animators have been working hard on shaping Deathgarden’s character roster. As previously mentioned, one of our main goals moving forward is to create unique, meaningful characters to help us drive our new fantasy. And so, we’re pleased to announce that, over the next few weeks, we’ll reveal our character lineup, which will be comprised of 3 hunters and 5 scavengers.


We’ve replaced the term “runner” with that of “scavenger.” We believe that the term scavenger is more in line with the new gameplay loop and fantasy. The characters still run within the Garden (very much so), but their reason for entering the arena has changed; we’ll have more information on that in a subsequent, gameplay-related article!


Each character, hunter and scavenger alike, has:

–Special Powers
–A combination of Weapons (hunter)
–A character-based progression
–Character-specific bonuses/passive skills (new feature)
–A distinct aesthetic
–A unique backstory (i.e., a reason for partaking in this violent trial of blood)

Every character possesses a limited set of powers, perks, and weapons, which you can mix and match to create your own loadout. As you play with a specific character, you’ll improve their abilities, unlock additional powers, perks, and weapons, and, eventually, unlock new characters.

We do need to mention, though, that some character-related elements may change as we move closer to releasing Deathgarden’s major update later in spring.


Default Vambrace Power: Smoke Screen – Upon impact, the bolt rapidly creates a dense smoke screen.

Fog is a fearless, resilient scavenger. His toolkit allows him to effectively take down Constructs and cleverly escape the hunter's grasp.

Early concept of Fog's smoke screen

Backstory Concept Art

"When the world fell, I fell with it. When the hunters took control of the Enclaves, I tried to tear them down. Now, I subject myself to their twisted game." – Iosif Blatov, "Fog"

Stay tuned for more information on Deathgarden's characters!

The Deathgarden Dev Team

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