Hunter Reveal: The Poacher

Introducing the Poacher, the final hunter to join Deathgarden’s starting lineup! The Poacher will stop at nothing to terminate scavengers.

Default hunter power: Anti-personnel mines – Place several proximity mines.

Default loadout: LMG and automatic shotgun

The Poacher indulges in the sport of killing. He’s an expert in map control and, thanks to his extended stun field and hard-hitting weapons, close-range decimation.

Throwing scavengers over the edge feeds the Poacher’s thrill of the kill and rewards him with more ammunition to mow down his filthy prey.

Early concept art of the Poacher

Backstory Concept Art

“Scavengers are simple enough to track. The stench of fear is all over them.” – Declan “the Poacher” Krefft

T-800 Hunter & Poacher Cosmetic

We always felt like the Terminator franchise would be a perfect fit for our game, for the universe in which we’d evolve, which is why today we’re thrilled to announce the release of our Terminator cosmetic set!

For the price of 2.99$ USD, hunters playing on the current live build will be able to embody the franchise’s iconic T-800 Terminator.

Once Deathgarden’s major update goes live in spring, the T-800 will become an exclusive Poacher set.

The Terminator DLC is now available on Steam™.

DLC Release Specifications

When we shared our roadmap back in August, we said that we’d release a licensed cosmetic bundle sometime in November/December. While we were gearing up towards releasing the Terminator DLC then, we had to delay its production because we needed to shift our focus and pour our efforts into revamping the game.

Our decision to release the T-800 set today might come to you as a surprise, but, when we put the project on hold, we agreed that we’d release the Terminator set before March 2019. We’re truly excited to bring this franchise into our universe and look forward to continuing its development into the near future.

The Deathgarden Dev Team

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