Gardens are nano-printed environments in which Runners and Hunters compete against each another. At the start of each match, the Garden's layout is procedurally generated. Garden conditions such as rain, fog, or time of day are also randomly generated. 


British Columbia - Canada

This Garden simulates forests, with large variations in topologies and highly variable conditions.

Possible Garden conditions

First Strike - Day

True North - Foggy Day

Northern Invasion - Night


The Bloodpost is a central element in the Garden; this is where the Hunter executes Runners. Bloodpost encounters are tense and often pivotal moments.

Before sending Runners to the Bloodpost, the Hunter must first acquire sufficient Bloodpost charges. Each time the Hunter downs a Runner, the Bloodpost gains one charge. When Runners fall off the map, it gains two charges. Once the Bloodpost has three charges, the Hunter may send any downed Runner to the Bloopost. Executing a Runner costs three charges. Bloodpost charges are stackable.

Runners may attempt to rescue their teammate from the Bloodpost and from execution. Any Runner who interacts with the Bloodpost is revealed. If a Runner manages to rescue a teammate, the Bloodpost loses three charges.

Hunters cannot place mines, turrets, or any other weapon-based powers near the Bloodpost.


Resource crates are crucial objects found in the Garden. How you use these crates and their content will greatly affect your chances of winning. Both sides can interact with each crate type, but only the Hunter may Hack them. If a Runner interacts with a hacked crate, this Runner is revealed. 

Ammo Crate

Runner: Gives ammunition.

Hunter: can deny the use of Ammo crates when at full ammo capacity.

Health Crate

Runner: Heals.

Hunter: can deny the use of Health crate by interacting with it.

Upgrade Parts Crate

Runner: Gives upgrade parts.

Hunter: Increases gun potency. Can deny the use of Upgrade Parts Crates when at maximum weapon potency.

Weapon Station

Where you unlock and upgrade your Powered Bolts and Caltrops.

Golden Crate

Appears randomly and grants temporary buffs.

Triggered by Dynamic Garden events.

Loadout Station

Runner: Choose your Class, Powers and Perks.

Hunter: Choose your guns, Powers and Perks.

Dynamic Garden Events

Dynamic game events are random events that can affect the outcome of the match.

Golden crates buffs: Golden crates provide infinite ammo, cooldowns, and stamina/NPI for a short duration. If a Runner activates the Golden Crate,the entire Runner team receives the crate's benefits. 

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